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Production and Laydown of Bituminous Materials pdf

Complete rolling operations before the bituminous material hardens to ensure that the ... appreciably to the load-carrying capacity of the base. Use the following.» Request a Quotation

Equipment Used in Bituminous Operations pdf

Properly maintaining the equipment is a basic principle of bituminous operations, and .... capacity by the material's rate of feed into the mixer. DRUM MIXER ..... Vibratory steel-wheel rollers are commonly used to compact bituminous mixtures.» Request a Quotation

Basic principles of Asphalt Compaction - pdf

The asphalt layers of a road pavement should .... bearing capacity ... material. In such a case tandem vibratory rollers should drive the first two passes without...» Request a Quotation

Compactors - | Compactors |

Results 1 - 15 of 59 ... CCS7 Combination Asphalt Compactor ... Tandem Vibratory Rollers ... Working with your dealer, you can find the right combination of ...» Request a Quotation

Standard Specification of Road and Bridge Construction 2005 -… pdf

Bituminous Materials - The bituminous material shall be ... samples of the asphalt binder in any location deemed necessary to ..... capacity to permit a uniform spreading operation. .... Trip overlaps of the roller shall not exceed 6 inches (15 cm.).» Request a Quotation

Asphalt Surfaces Online > Materials &…

Please visit the HK Government website for a list of all "approved" Highways Mixes. ... Bituminous spray and seals and painting materials can be produced local or supplied from reputable ... and Wheeled); Steel Wheel Rollers; Pneumatic Tyre Rollers; Steel Drum Rollers more... Oil heated Bitutainers (capacity 20t) more.» Request a Quotation


The ARW 65 with a YANMAR diesel engine provides 2-in-1 capabilities that help you ... and have a roller that is a perfect fit in asphalt and bituminous materials.» Request a Quotation

ARW 65 - Group pdf

bituminous material already installed. ... amplitude the operator can change to a roller that is a perfect fit on asphalt and ... HYDRAULIC OIL CAPACITY. 20 l (4.4...» Request a Quotation

Construction & Quality Control of Flexible Pavements - Civil… pdf

To coat and bond loose materials on the surface. ❖ To harden or toughen ... The primer shall be bitumen emulsion, complying ..... roller used, roller speed, the number of roller passes .... capacity having provision for controlled addition of water.» Request a Quotation

Rolling Patterns To Achieve Density And Production |…

8 Oct 2007 ... Contractors also know the size and capacity of the transport trucks used to deliver hot mix asphalt (HMA) to the project. From experience...» Request a Quotation

item 405 bituminous cold mix - City of Columbus pdf

bituminous material to be added to the aggregate to produce a satisfactory mixture. To adequately fill the ... The capacity of each roller shall be considered to be 30 tons (27 metric tons) of aggregate placed per hour for steel wheel rollers and...» Request a Quotation

Road roller - Wikipedia

A road roller is a compactor type engineering vehicle used to compact soil, gravel, concrete, or asphalt in the construction of roads and foundations. Similar rollers are used also at landfills or in agriculture. In some parts of the world, road rollers are still known colloquially as steam ... high weight, speed and the powerful pushing force to spread bulk material.» Request a Quotation

Stone mastic asphalt - Wikipedia

Stone mastic asphalt (SMA), also called stone-matrix asphalt, was developed in Germany in the 1960s. It provides a deformation-resistant, durable surfacing material, suitable for ... The deformation resistant capacity of SMA stems from a coarse stone skeleton providing more stone-on-stone contact than with conventional...» Request a Quotation

NRA Specification for Road Works Series 900 ... - TII… pdf

TII Publications, the NRA document reference used previously is listed ... IS EN 13108-5 Bituminous Mixtures - Material Specifications -Stone Mastic Asphalt ..... the manner of coating, when used for rolling into the surface of rolled asphalt, shall ..... These shall be accompanied by calibration records and production capacity.» Request a Quotation

section 2 bitumen - asphalt - Dick King Lab… pdf

The use of bituminous materials is mainly addressed ... Filter disc 1500g Capacity (Pack of 100 pieces). Bowl and ... This pneumatic Roller Compactor is used to.» Request a Quotation

Bituminous mixing and laying plant - Designing Buildings…

3 Mar 2017 ... The mixing and laying of bitumen for roads and pavements can be undertaken ... The type of plant used will be determined by the type of material that is required ... for high outputs as they can have capacities of up to 18,000 litres. ... Rollers on the front of the lorry's hopper are connected to the tyres and so...» Request a Quotation

Bituminous Concrete Binder - Illinois Department of… pdf

Is the type of bituminous material that is used for the prime coat being selected .... used provided it includes a steel wheeled roller and the required density and...» Request a Quotation

dmrb volume 7 section 5 part 2 - hd 37/99 - bituminous… pdf

2 Feb 1999 ... 1.5 Many of the new thin surfacing materials fall into this second ... surfacing, retexturing of bituminous materials and recycling ..... probe of low heat capacity and calibrated and readable ... Careful control of laying and rolling.» Request a Quotation

Roads, Airfields, Railroads - Dynapac Applications

The transport of heavy materials such as ore, coal and other minerals places great ... The asphalt layers provide water proofing for the unbound layers as well as ... of pavers and rollers must also be dimensioned with sufficient capacity to avoid...» Request a Quotation

Flexible Pavement - City of Akron pdf

Sample aggregate, asphalt binder, asphalt material, and mineral filler ..... specified capacities of the rollers in use; however, if compacting a mixture spread as.» Request a Quotation

division 400 – pavements - pdf

to the widths of the roadway, the type and number of rollers, the proper rolling procedures .... Bituminous material storage tanks should be of sufficient capacity to maintain uniform ... the temperature of the bituminous material at the point of use.» Request a Quotation

Specifying the Right Roller for the Job |…

8 Jun 2016 ... The first is whether you're compacting soil or asphalt. Other factors are ... More cohesive materials, like clay, require a vibratory pad-foot drum.» Request a Quotation

Austroads - Pavement Technology & Work Tips

This Pavement Work Tip provides a guide to determining the location of changes ... forward speed for smooth continuous paving and matching roller capacity to ... a guide to extending the life of sprayed seals by applying bituminous material to...» Request a Quotation

Compacting Hot-Mix Asphalt Pavements: Part II | Roads…

28 Dec 2000 ... mix design (asphalt content and aggregate gradation) and environmental conditions. In addition, the number of roller passes required of a...» Request a Quotation

What materials are used for road construction? -…

Road consist of basically 4 layers: Sub-grade: The sub-grade material should be clean and free ... Successive layers of crushed rock mechanically locked by rolling and bonded by stone screening (rock duct, stone chips etc). ... For good service throughout the full life, bituminous pavement must retain the following qualities:.» Request a Quotation

Asphalt Pavement Construction FAQs – Asphalt…

To coat and bond loose material particles on the surface of the base. .... When static steel-wheeled rollers are used, the maximum lift thickness that can be...» Request a Quotation

dry density - moisture relations for mixtures of road… pdf

(m) Moisture measurement tins, at least 500 ml capacity, with press-on lids or other ... (a) Bituminous materials used in laboratory investigations should be of the...» Request a Quotation

History of Chipsealing in New Zealand - NZ Transport… pdf

9-ton 3-wheeled roller, a bitumen distributor and on the right a fan-tailed chip ... general term for a tar- or bitumen-bound material used for a pavement, especially the ..... and to be within the refinery's capability, crude oil generally came from a...» Request a Quotation

400-401 Asphalt Concrete Pavements – General - Ohio…

The asphalt material used in these mixtures has a relatively high viscosity at normal temperatures. Because of this, it is ..... TABLE 401.13-1 ROLLER CAPACITY...» Request a Quotation


1 Jan 2015 ... The Contractor may select the kind of bituminous material to ... Provide rollers whose capacity is capable of compacting the mixed material to...» Request a Quotation

OPSS 304 pdf

Ontario Provincial Standard Specifications, Material ... Single Surface Treatment means a single application of bituminous binder followed by a single application ... Rollers shall be ballasted according to the manufacturer's recommendations. .... Loading of each truck shall be kept to not less than the predetermined capacity.» Request a Quotation

Section 7060, Bituminous Seal Coat - Iowa DOT

Includes preparation of surface, heating of bituminous materials and placing of the seal coat bitumen, spreading aggregate, and rolling the aggregate. 1.03 SUBMITTALS. Comply .... Hopper: Minimum capacity of 5 tons. B. Bitumen Distributors:.» Request a Quotation

Cold Recycling - Asphalt Recycling and Reclaiming…

Cold recycled bituminous material is placed and compacted by the same ... a heavy pneumatic, vibratory, or static steel roller, or any combination of rollers.» Request a Quotation

Hand and Power Tools - OSHA ppt

Cranes are the most commonly used lifting equipment ... Used for compacting road materials like soil, aggregates and bituminous mixtures ... Pneumatic Tire Roller ... to ensure whether the load is balanced; Before hoisting near-capacity load,...» Request a Quotation


The Engineer may change the grade of the bituminous material one (1). - step-at no change .... and proportions and having normal capacities over the full capacity of the ..... that the Contractor can vary the total weight of the roller to produce an...» Request a Quotation

asphalt dams - CEA-COOP pdf

adaptation capacity to eventual settling deformations minimum ... removal of material with the creation of a cavity ... on steep slopes, where the roller's action is.» Request a Quotation

section 10 index bituminous surface course and… pdf

9.1 Bituminous-materials spreaders shall be the self-propelled type equipped ... The rollers shall be capable of reversing without backlash and shall be free from ..... feet per minute; it shall be self-propelled and have the capability of spraying.» Request a Quotation

Main Spec Book - 400 section pdf

the bituminous material quantity without changing the job mix formula ..... P. Large Scale - The scale shall have a minimum capacity of 14 kilograms ..... Vibratory roller models satisfying the specification requirements contained herein will be.» Request a Quotation

Arc-asphalt roller compactor - Matest

This Roller Compactor entirely developed and manufactured by Matest, fully operates with the electro-mechanical system, and therefore it does not require any...» Request a Quotation

NG 900 Road Pavements - Bituminous Materials pdf

Bituminous. Materials. 2 The use of natural, recovered unbound and artificial ... the roller which have been found to be ..... capacity of mortar and to cover.» Request a Quotation